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Brothers Kazakovy: Bogdan and Dmitry

    Power extreme is another name for perfoming body strength tricks that may be downright dangerous for people's health. Brothers Kazakovy are the first athletes to promote this new sports in Belarus
(cited from "Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belorusii, №38, 2007г.)

    We are able to:
1. Inflate rubber hot-watter bottles of any size till they burst

2. Inflate rubber hot-watter bottles of any size till they burst with one performer jumping on the belly of the other (this is called "The Pump")

3. Inflate DOUBLE rubber hot-watter bottles of any size till they burst (registred as a Guinness world record)

4. Tear asunder a metal beer can

5. Tear athwart a pack of 36 playing cards into 4 parts

6. Tear across a pack 54 of playing cards into 4 parts

7. Simultaneously tear two packs of cards into pieces

8. Hich-speed perfomance: five packs of 36 cards each torn in half a minute

9. Tear across a calendar

10. Tear across books of over 1200 pages

11. Tear across a car number plate

12. Bend 200mm steel nails into knots

13. Bend 300mm steel nails into knots

14. We twine a "wreath" using 200mm steel nails

15. We twist a Teflon frying pan into a tube

16. We can lift in our teeth a stool with a person sitting on it

17. Breakе steel screws (bolts) into 2 parts with hands

18. Flex against the head 16-mm valves and then twist them into a ring

19. Pull a minibus by teeth. Weight up to 3 tons

20. Pull a truck, bus, wagon with one hand. Weight up to 20 tons

21. Hold 2 sport motorcycles with one hand

22. Hold 4 sport motorcycles with two hands

23. Keep a man with teeth and then untwist him around self ("Carousel")

24. Spike slate nails in a thick board with hand

25. Upthrowing of 100kg barbell on the neck.

26. One hand lifting of two separate weights of 36kg each.

27. Crashing of bottles with hands.

28. Holding of two weights 24-32kg on stretched out hands. (Cross)

29. Metallic chain crashing with a hand.

30. Lifting and keeping weights with the teeth - total weight from 100 kg.

31. Curling up metallic spade into tubule.

32. Crashing a thick spade's haft (it may be burning) with the athlete's body.

33. Curving of thick metallic rod with the athlete's neck.

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